The first major project for our coalition is to help members of Local 308 remove the stumbling blocks for progress and information through improving the bylaws that govern it.

Unfortunately, after harassing union members who participated in the project by phone and blatantly refusing to allow the bylaw reforms to be read aloud at the October, 2020 meeting, President Franklin blocked our efforts.

We will keep trying and never give up.

Below are summaries. View and vote/comment on the full details in the survey below

1) FT Officer Salary Adjusted to Highest Rate of Their Recent Classification: Salary will no longer be merit-based and only occur when a Contract with raises for members is ratified.

2) No Profiteering By Union Officials: No elected leader can receive additional compensation through union business.

3) Every Member Votes: The union must ensure that every member votes no matter where they are located.

4) Reduce Attendance Quota for Candidates: Improve the pool of potential new elected leaders.

5) Revamp the Steward Program: Instead of Executive Board members choosing Stewards, it will be up to the members.

6) Fair Union Pay for Officers in PT Jobs: Guarantee that officers in service to the union will be paid the Full-Time rate of their craft/classification, even if they are in a Part-Time position.

7) Bylaw Votes Must Be Secret Ballots: Bylaw votes must be secret ballots in order to prevent intimidation.

8) Petitions Count As Votes In Meetings: Members who cannot attend meetings can have equal influence in the direction of the union.

9) Membership Meeting Reports Must Be Published Online: Members who cannot attend meetings can have equal influence in the direction of the union.

10) "Midnight Shift" Union Rep: Create a new position for an Executive Board, Assistant and Stewards for all departments during the midnight shifts.

11) Attendance Rewards Program: Incentivize members to attend union meetings.

12) Reduced Initiation Fees: Encourage new employees to sign up for the union.

13) Wrongful Discharge Fund: Assist members in need.

14) Union Member Homeless Fund: Assist members in need.

15) Mandatory Officer Reports: Enhanced Online Reporting.

16) Discourage Corruption: Union presidents must be more accountable to seek the collective wisdom of the members.

17) Officers Cannot Sue Members: Elected leaders must resign their position if they chose to sue a member.

18) Union Dues Discount for PT Workers

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