Worker's Contract

This is an Alternative Collective Bargaining Agreement Concept made for and by the CTA/Pace Workers of Locals 241 and 308.

Although it is unofficial and condemned by the elected union leadership, it is a very real project that can be used to replace anything we are given to vote on.



1. Take the power of Contract negotiations from the lawyers and return it to the workers whose lives it affects most.

2. To empower the workers, awaken the sleeping giant of self-determination and reinstill hope for a better future in current and future generations of union members and workers.

3. Educate union members about the Contract.

The Worker's Contract (Unofficial)

View the Official 2020 Contract

Contract Proposal Spreadsheet (Unofficial)

The Member's Contract and Contract Proposal Spreadsheet require a desktop/laptop computer or the GoogleSheets and GoogleDocs smartphone apps.

The Worker's Contract Title

Know The Contract Online Learning Tool

View the Contract Proposal Meeting Schedule (308)

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