Steward Training

Each of us can be a leader, an influencer or source of inspiration and information. These videos are a way to get started. You do not need to be elected or selected to be a leader and steward for your coworkers!

Unofficial Steward Training

The Steward's Basics

A crash course in how to be an effective shop steward and activist. This playlist includes a video on grievance handling. Although it is hosted by the leadership education team of The United Steelworkers, it is just as applicable to ATU Local 241 and 308 members..

Organizing Around Workplace Issues

Many local unions are getting back to basics by mobilizing workers using workplace issue campaigns in order to pressure management to solve problems.

Using this approach, we are able to build an active membership, enhance communication, develop new leaders, and quickly solve problems!

Just Cause

Among the subjects covered are lax enforcement, due process, hearsay evidence, disparate treatment, and progressive discipline. Order a copy of the book and find more information at

Contract Negotiation

Learn about formal Contract Negotiation. The best negotiations are in concert with public and job action. Relying on meetings and secret gatherings rarely result in wins for workers.

Some videos contain legal references that are exclusive to different states.

Also, the orientation is more towards top-down chain-of-command Business Unionism. However, we found most of the information to be very relevant to us. Also, they provide insight of the management and union sides for negotiation.

Know The Contract

This free, member-created learning tool will help you learn all about the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Local 241/308 and the CTA. It is currently a work-in-progress. But it is fully functional.

Know The Contract

Book: Steward's Toolbox

If the union movement is going to find its way back from the wilderness, it will depend on new leaders. Where will we find them? Shop floor activists are the raw material for labor's revival.

Our movement needs thousands more stewards with the skills, confidence, and authority to stand up.

The Steward's Toolbox, edited by Labor Notes editor Mischa Gaus, is a how-to resource guide that gives stewards, union activists, and leaders new and old the skills and orientation they need.

Bringing together five years' worth of knowledge from the pages of Labor Notes magazine, the book offers eight chapters full of experience and advice on everything from how to defend past practices to how to build a successful coalition to defeat privatization. 235 pages.

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Training Manual

The SPFPA union has a single page of comprehensive union steward basics guide online. Although it is not specific to public transportation workers, the fundamental topics will prepare you to become a skilled union steward.