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Worker's Contract

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Union Reformation

Help create an alternative Contract to the one that is coming from the lawyers.

Exercise your rights to organize and protest for better working conditions.

Submit anonymous reports about hazards, naughty managers and safety sting operations.

Join a movement to put Locals 241 and 308 under control by the members..


Chicago Area Transit Workers Radio Show

Know Your Rights

Unofficial Meeting Reports

Unofficial Steward Training

Support each other and learn about what is going on in our unions and in the workplace.

Learn how to protect yourself and your coworkers.

Learn about what is going on at ATU Local 241 and Local 308 union meetings.

Become a servant of and inspire the members.

Be The Change

Our Goals

1. Establish and maintain a platform of solutions to fundamental issues that current and potential candidates can adopt.

2. Spearhead public and on-the-job actions to augment contract negotiations and boost worker morale and unity. Empower members to overcome unfair punishment and unjustified firings at work.

3. Ensure that all impediments to member participation in union activities and duties are eliminated or minimized.

4. Establish and maintain positive and mutually beneficial connections between the passengers and the workers.

5. Ensure that elected leaders continue to build on strengths and improve where they are weak.

6. Be a source of constructive criticism for ATU Local 241 & 308 that is free of slander of individuals or cause damage to the union.

7. Encourage solidarity with similar groups and unions outside of ATU Locals 241 & 308.

8. Encourage discussion that will lead to a merger of ATU Local 241 and 308 into a single Local Union.

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The Justice Coalition empowers Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 241 and Local 308 members with tools to take control of their unions and to inspire humble, accountable leadership.

This website and our independent caucus does not officially represent the ATU nor Locals 241 and 308.

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The Contract


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