Previous Actions

Hour of Power (12/22/2020)

View reports and videos for a final public appeal to Local 241 and Local 308 union presidents: Initiate virtual union meetings so members can be informed and direct their unions or resign.

Transit Workers Speak-Out (2/25/2020)

In this coordinated protest with Transit Workers Unite, we distributed fliers to inspire coworkers and passengers to help fight for a good Contract. Click this link to see photos and reports.

Union Worker Speak-Out (8/24/2019)

In another coordinated protest with Transit Workers Unite, we promoted the needs of coworkers for a Contract that was due to expire. Our union presidents refused to join us after repeated invitations. View the interviews of organizers done by Labor Beat.

Part-Time CTA Worker Speak-Out (7/13/2019)

In our first coordinated protest with Transit Workers Unite, we shared fliers about the struggles of Part-Time workers in jobs bargained for by our unions. See this link for a video interview of the organizers.  

Hour of Power (2/23/2021)

Read the report and view a video about our second Hour of Power protest at the CTA's largest rail/bus terminal.

Hour of Power (6/25/2021)

See our Public Facebook Discussion Section for photos and video from our third Hour of Power protest at the CTA's Howard Street terminal.

Labor Day Protest of Rage (9/6/2021)

Organizers at the Justice Coalition held a last-minute protest days after a coworker was shot while operating a bus downtown. Click photo to view the video and photos.

Flash Protest (8/25/2021)

Justice Coalition organizers hold 10 minute protests at random work locations to inspire coworkers to speak publicly about working conditions when they are off duty. Click photo to view the video recording.

Flash Protest (8/25/2021)

While Local 308 officers held a protest and hugged our boss, Mayor Lightfoot, one of the Justice Coalition organizers held a counter-protest, demanding accountabilty for the deaths, sickness and injuries of coworkers during the Pandemic and from daily violence. Click photo to view the video recording.

No More Unjust Firings! (9/29/2021)

Coworkers and organizers at the Justice Coalition pushed back against the cruel managers and their partners in the union office who unjustly punish and fire workers. Click photo to view the video.

Take Back Our Union Tuesday (10/5/2021)

Local 241/308 presidents abruptly cancelled all membership meetings. The Justice Coalition organized a mock joint Local 241/308 membership meeting in front of the Local 241 office. Click photo to view the video.

A few days later, coworker and founder of Poppin' Off For Democracy, Sister Cheryl Sistrunk organized a similar protest in front of the Local 308 office. See photos and video at on this public Facebook post.

Protest at Fullerton Station (10/10/2021)

One of our Part-Time coworkers asked Justice Coalition organizers to help her with a protest after work at her station during the Chicago Marathon. More and more coworkers are inspiring each other to speak up about their working conditions. Click photo for the video.

Hour of Power at Harlem/Lake (12/11/2021)

Coworkers democratically decided the Harlem/Lake Green Line Terminal station for this protest on a cold wintery day. Click photo for the video.

CTA Workers Fight Back!!! (4/2/2022)

The horrible restroom facilities for many bus operators was the focus of this protest. But we covered other issues in other deparments as well. Riders showed up to support us too. Click photo for video and more photos.

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Hour of Power at Midway Terminal (7/29/2022)

Demands for accountability by the CTA and politicians for neglecting and disrespecting the workers were made through speeches and chants as CTA workers and supporters marched around Midway Terminal. Click photo for video.

15 Minutes of Fury at Howard Shop (9/16/2022)

CTA maintenence workers and supporters returned to the system's largest rail shop for another early morning warning to cruel managers who violate the Contract and labor law. Click photo for video.

CTA Maintenence Worker Protest (9/3/2022)

Fed up with harassment and seniority violations, a brave Rail Car Servicer at the CTA recruited a Local 308 Union Steward to stand with him in protest after work. Click photo for video.