Take Action

How to take action

What is bothering you at work?

You have the power to change it if you believe in yourself and your coworkers!

It all starts with you.

You should always consult with a union officer. However, if you are not satisfied with the answer, that means you need to be creative!

Use the fliers we made or make your own. Share information and inspire action.

If you need help designing fliers, petitions and promoting, call us at 224-935-3075.

Follow important legal tips when you share information or participate in public action :

1. Maintain peaceful and orderly picketing.

2. Cooperate with police and obey their instructions. If a problem arises, obtain their name, department and badge number. Report it to the union office.

3. Picket in a single file, keep moving and maintain adequate spacing to allow vehicles and people to enter and leave.

4. Do not use profanity or derogatory language.

5. Do not interfere with traffic.

6. Do not litter or leave fliers on the ground.

7. Avoid talking to the media. Refer reporters and others with questions to the union president or organizers of the public action.

8. Only distribute fliers and talk to coworkers in break rooms, parking lots or on public sidewalks. Never venture into work areas—which includes vehicles and offices. That can lead to punishment.

From the book "No Contract, No Peace" by Robert Schwarz

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At the heart of a strong union are members who sacrifice a few hours of their free time and accept the burden of being a target for those who benefit from our suffering. With greater numbers, comes greater confidence and power.

Upcoming Actions

Since 2019, we have supported union member-led public actions and initiatives. Click the button for a list. If you need help organizing for improving working conditions, you may find some good ideas from this list.

Previous Actions

The Justice Coalition has initiated and assisted coworkers with creating petitions to help build courage in the workplace. Click the button to explore these powerful tools of union democracy.

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